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Elite Creed Natural

Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist Perfume

Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist Perfume

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Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist Perfume

Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist

4 oz

Escape to a lush, fragrant paradise with Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist Perfume! Infused with natural essential oils, its luxurious aroma creates an unforgettable experience wherever you go. Enjoy a long lasting scent of jasmine and honeysuckle and let it take you away!

Ingredients: Alcohol, Glycerin, Jasmine Honeysuckle Oil

Why does the formula contain alcohol?

The fragrance stays on skin longer.

There is no need for preservatives.

They disperse essential oil blends or clean fragrance on the skin evenly.

The alcohol evaporates quickly and feels refreshing leaving behind a long lasting scent.

No Phthalates

No Parabens

No Synthetic Colors

No Petroleum

"Bring a touch of summer celebration to your beauty routine with our Jasmine Honeysuckle Body Mist Perfume. Made with the vibrant scents of jasmine and honeysuckle, this refreshing mist is the perfect accessory for any Juneteenth gathering in 2024. Embrace the freedom and joy of this historic event while smelling and feeling your best. Elevate your senses with our limited edition Juneteenth 2024 scent and be the life of the party!"

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